Every cat is unique in his behavior, personality and daily habits which depend on genetic factors and the environment where the cat grows up. Some cats scratch rarely, whereas, others can’t do without it. Scratching is a real necessity for them. In many cases scratching posts do not resolve the problem as the sofa will always remain the favourite place for a cat.

What we call an aggressive behaviour towards our soft furniture, for them is a mode to release stress. This way they strip off the old outer claw to reveal a new one. At the same time excercising and stretching the muscles of claws and shoulders inside four walls. While scratching , your cat releases pheromones, this way marking his territory. So, first of all, your cat’s needs must be understood but without putting at risk the good condition of your sofa or armchair. We have studied all these factors and cats’ behavior before launching Cat Friendly Sofa on the market. All this has been done with respect for our four-legged friends.


The sofa is absolutely the best place to relax. So, no wonder, if your cat after a little nap or a snack draws all its attention onto the sofa. Some cats prefer scratching vertical surfaces , whereas others prefer to lay down on their back and scratch lower parts . Usually the angles of sofas and armchairs are at risk. In some cases the problem can be solved by covering only the arms or the backrest. Whereas, in other cases, it is better to cover all the sofa seat. If the sofa is close to a wall, it is useless to cover the backrest (already protected with the wall). Cat Friendly Sofa will study for you a customised solution. If you need some help or want to contact us, you may write us HERE. Together we’ll find the right solution for you.