Cat Friendly Sofa was created in 2014, when, a cat lover Luigi Delfino, was in search for solutions to protect his new sofa. To his disappointment, there was not a proper solution on the market and the final results proposed were not so different from the so often seen blankets thrown here and there to protect parts at risk. Being a design and fashion marketing expert, Luigi undertakes Research and Development activity studying fibres, materials and cats’ behaviours.

The same year Luigi meets his future wife Lusine Manukyan in Armenia. Together, they started working at launching a fabric really resistant to cat’s claws. After many tests they finally succeeded in creating something heavy-duty that will convince even the most skeptic ones.

Due to high technical and artisanal skills very soon positive feedbacks are received both from Italy and foreign market. Today, Cat Friendly Sofa is delivered to all countries, being requested both from North America, and Australia, and even from the United Arab Emirates.

Everything we’ve done and achieved was thanks to our big love for cats and the determination to find a solution to the problem that many cat lovers share. And, of course, it will be impossible without the long-term contribution of three little musketeers voluntarily involved in testing the resistance of what has been created and confirming it’s resistance to scratches.

Our biggest satisfaction? To receive positive feedbacks from you and to know that we could, somehow, contribute to your comfortable coexistance with your four-legged friend at home. If you wish, you may CONTACT directly Luigi and Lusine. They will be very happy to help you and find the solution you are looking for.