Cat or Sofa?

You’ve got a dilemma and you will NEVER abandon your cat.

No Hope

Before discovering Cat Friendly Sofa all your attempts to protect your sofa have been unsuccessful. Now you look for a permanent and an efficient solution.

Old Sofa

You bought your sofa a few years ago. The frame is still in good conditions, but the cover is completely scratched out. In your case no sense to buy a new sofa as in a couple of months you will face the same problem.

New Sofa

You have a new sofa and want to protect it from your cat’s scratches.


Cat Friendly Sofa is removable. It means you can take it off whenever you want to.

Enough to blankets

No more awkward blankets on your sofa to hide scratches from guests.

Save money

Cat Friendly Sofa allows you to avoid wasting money by buying a new sofa that will, surely, be replaced in a few months.

We are Cat Friendly

We love cats and we are so happy to know that after launching our cat-proof covers many cats have been adopted ever since.


graffi_gattoCat Friendly Sofa is a tailor made and anti-scratch sofa cover to protect any soft furniture from your cat’s claws be that a sofa, an armchair, a chair or a bed. It’s a carefully tested, customized solution able to change, once and for all, your life along with your cat and your soft furniture.

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About us

Behind the Cat Friendly Sofa project there is the passion and the patience of the person who carefully studied his own cat’s behaviour and understood its quenchless need for scratching. The idea was born from the insight of a Design and Fashion Marketing expert with the support of a team of master upholsters and, last but not least, with the long-term contribution of three little musketeers passionately involved in testing the resistance of what has been created.

Our biggest satisfaction? To get positive feedbacks from faraway countries and to know we could somehow contribute to your comfortable coexistance with your affectionate four-legged friend at home.


Cat Friendly Sofa



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