Why choose Cat Friendly Sofa?

There are many reasons to choose Cat Friendly Sofa and not a commercial sofa cover that, apparently, pretends to be a cat-resistant when it isn’t anti-scratch at all. We thought it was a good idea to summarise all the main features that bring our clients to order our tailored cat-proof sofa covers. No sense to spend money for a useless and expensive scratching post. Our mission is to help all the people in love with their cats, exactly as we are. For enquiries and orders, visit www.catfriendlysofa.com

The way Cat Friendly Sofa works

After 4 years from the launch of our innovative cat-resistant tailored covers, we thought it was a good idea to propose a FAQ video that collects all the questions we usually get from cat-lovers interested in protecting their sofas, chairs or beds from cat’s scratching. Our purpose is to make easier and more comfortable the cohabitation at home between cat and owner. That’s why Cat Friendly Sofa is constantly commited on improving product & service. We are also delighted to know that our cat-proof sofa covers enticed people to adopt abandoned cats. For enquiries, just click here!