Cat Friendly… what does it mean?


Sofa with nice cat

Sofa with nice cat

Here are some tips for those who have cats or want to get and they want to be a little prepared for this new Cat Friendly experience. If you want a cat companion then be ready to change your daily routine and do some modifications at home to prepare it for your “flatmate”s arrival. Why a flatmate? Because when you adopt a cat it’s not just a cat it becomes someone equal to you if not more as it’s your cat who spends time with you and not you with it.

So, what or who can be considered Cat Friendly?

Cat Friendly is the one:

–          who takes care about every detail at to make the house cat friendly and create a cat friendly environment

–          who wakes up every day at 7 (even on weekends) just to feed cats on time, by that time his wife is waiting for coffee in bed…who cares? first cats!

–          who shares his modest dinner with his best cat-friends

–          who thinks about comforts of his/her cat before buying  a sofa

–          who doesn’t care if he goes to work all cat fur on clothes and on the laptop bag, etc.

–          who greets the cats first when returning home

Cat Friendly means:

–          First your cat /master of the house/ and then you

Now, enjoy your Cat Friendly day!