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Microfiber, does it really work against scratching?

TweetDoes microfiber work against scratching? Recently we found  a good number of notes about microfiber and its magical anti-scratch effects… Does it really work? A miracle called microfiber?  Well, actually, cats may show different behaviours. Sometimes cats may seem too lazy or don’t like your couch so much

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Sofa addicted

TweetHow many hours do our cats spend on our sofas? Uncountable, I would say. After jumping everywhere catching a mouse – or something that reminds that – they need to have a rest as shown in this image. After this, scratching comes like the spontaneous and natural thing.  

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Cat Friendly… what does it mean?

Tweet  Here are some tips for those who have cats or want to get and they want to be a little prepared for this new Cat Friendly experience. If you want a cat companion then be ready to change your daily routine and do some modifications at

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Who lives with cats knows what works and what not

Tweet What does your cat think when you water your sofa with a spray which should keep it far from your sofa?

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