Patiently studying different cats’ behaviours, Cat Friendly Sofa has created a sofa cover with a key privilege of custom made sofa covers. This is made of a special material scrupulously tested for cat’s claws and carefully designed to fit on your sofa, chair or armchair. This densely-woven fabric of about 4 mm (0,16″) provides a long life guarantee to resist your cat’s claws. Besides, it ensures that only the experience of the best upholsters and their meticulous care to detail make it possible to realize your sofa cover recreating the exact shape of your sofa. It is available in six colours (Ivory White, Champagne, Brown, Grey, Black and Red), easily and perfectly fitting on every kind of soft furniture (classic or modern) and very easy to be cleaned and removed.









To order your Cat Friendly Sofa just fill in the form in the ORDER page and attach some pictures of the parts needed to be covered. Shortly you will receive a sketch with measurements we need and the info to make your payment safely.

  1. I bought a new leather sofa and armchair but within 3 days my cats have already scratched it. Can I have a quote of a sofa cover and an armchair? The sofa measures around 220 cm in lenght but I will send exact measurements later.

  2. Hi,

    I need all round protection for this settee. The 2 cats between get to every side of a sofa. The settee is on the site and its called the Cordelia 60″ Settee

    I have to buy a cover for another piece of furniture but will a separate email for that one.



    • Hi Nivritt. Sure we can help you providing a tailored anti-scratch cover. Just, please, in order to get a quote from us, send an email to Thank you!

  3. Interested in a quote

    • Hello Jan, thank you for your interest in Cat Friendly Sofa. In order to get a quote, please, send a picture of your sofa to and write us where are you based. Many thanks.

  4. My experience with Cat Friendly Sofa has been excellent. Mr. Luigi has responded carefully to all my emails and he has guided me in the choice of the color and shape of the cover.
    Everything was done very professionally and kindly. I received the cover as planned and it looks beautiful and it fits perfectly with my sofa.
    The cats are very curious about it, but the material is very resistant and they will not be able to damage it.

    I would like to thank Mr. Luigi and his team for the fantastic work they did! It was wonderful to discover you.
    I am Italian and I live in the United States and it is always a pleasure to see that there are these professional people in Italy!

  5. I would like to just get an estimate for a loveseat and two recliners. I live in Seabrook, Texas, United States. I am just asking for a ball park number. Just something I can think about.
    Thank you.

  6. Our experience with CatFriendly Sofa has been remarkably positive! First of all, the customer service is great. It was really easy to communicate and receive all the necessary info. Furthermore, the conditions for the purchase were clear and the whole process has been smooth. Ultimately, the sofa cover is perfect! The color and the material work really well with our furniture and the cover was perfectly designed for our weird sofa. Our cat appreciated it and, incredibly, hasn’t even tried to scratch it. I would highly suggest this service to any cat owner 🙂

  7. I have a small recliner that is in need of an all-over cover. What is an approximate price of your cover?

  8. I’m so glad I found Cat Friendly Sofa! My beloved kitty did a number on a fairly new couch and I wasn’t sure what to do. Cat Friendly Sofa is really easy to work with. Luigi guides you through the process of taking measurements and is very responsive to emails. The final product was great. The color and fabric work well with my large couch. I’m very pleased and would highly recommend this wonderful company. Thank you!!

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