Cat’s claw! We are not going to talk about scratching problems now. This cat’s claw is a herb also known as Una de Gato which is very famous in Peruvian traditional medicine but still unrevealed by the scientific  world totally. It has come into research prominence since the 1970s after centuries of use by Peruvian Indians for a wide variety of ailments.

A traditional remedy for  digestive complaints and arthritis, to treat wounds, stomach problems, cancer, and more. It’s a boost to the immune system.  It is immune modulating which means that it responds to the needs of the immune system. If the immune system is over-active then cat’s claw will calm it down. If the immune system is under-active then it will ramp up the activity.

Now talking about cat’s claws and problems we face because of them, we can think about this life-giving vine which, if proved, can help people to fight diseases and be an adjunctive treatment for cancer and AIDS. Let’s hope that this herb will really be so useful and healing!



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