A cat-proof fabric? Yes, we made it!

Cat-proof fabric for sofasSearching online a “cat-proof fabric”, maybe be you have been wondering: “Does it really exist?”. We confirm it excitedly. In 2014 Cat Friendly Sofa created a special fabric that no cat can dig its claws into and damage it.

Lusine Manukyan, AVETIS Ceo, declares: “We decided to face a real challenge because we wanted to offer a chance to any cat-lover to improve the relationship with his cat, saving sofa arms, backrests and cushions“. On the other hand, Cat Friendly Sofa aims to propose a real and efficient alternative to declawing practice, because cat’s scratching is a natural instinct”.

AVETIS is used to create any couch slipcover on the measurements sent from the client, with care for any detail and finishing. That’s the key of the success of our cat-proof cover: cat passion and the best craftsmanship (www.catfriendlysofa.com).