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When taking home a kitten the first think that we do is buying a crate for our pet and putting it where it’s comfortable for us. A mare illusion to think that our 4-legged friend would spend much of its time there! But, no, it’s the cat that chooses its favourite places and there’s nothing to make it change its mind. Gaia Miacola –the cartoonist of Cat Friendly Sofa, has created this lovely caption with our LULU in a very emotional moment on its preferred sofa arm.  We- Cat Friendly Sofa, find that the cat at home should bring joy to the owner. Alas, in many cases, people give up with the idea of adopting a kitten only for the safety of their sofa, armchair, chair and bed. However, now, with Cat Friendly Sofa you can make your soft furniture scratch-proof without changing it. A kind request to everyone not to be indifferent and take home the little cute kitten from the street.



A poem about a cat

A poem about a cat

This nice poem was written by a 9 year-old french child on May 6, 1952. LE FIGARO wanted to publish it in its magazine. Very likely it was bought from the teacher of the child. It’s really very funny to see how a child sees cats.

The cat

“Cat is an animal that has two paws from the front,
Two others from the back,
Two paws from the left

And two others from the right.

The paws of the front help him to run,

The ones  of the back serve as brakes.
Cat has a tail that follows his body

And it finishes suddenly.

He has whiskers under his nose,
They are rigid as iron wires.

That’s  why he belongs to the family of felines.

Sometimes a cat wants to have kittens

And when he does, he becomes female. 

Bambino disegna gatto