Cat caress therapy on your sofa prolongs your life

Pet Therapy is spoken about for a long time but maybe not much enough. Scientists found that cats help to cope with some illnesses and depression in a person. We don’t speak about some particular disability cases, but cases like hypertension, solitude, depression and cardiovascular problems. As for the latter, it’s already proven that spending time on a sofa caressing your cat normalizes heartbeats  and blood pressure, creates a peaceful and healthy state of mind and body. The sofa is the best place to relax at home both for a man and for a cat. We, the Cat Friendly Sofa team,  considering the presence of a cat (probably found in the street) at home, take care about a couch as a place to share between the cat and the owner, resolving the main problem for the owner, that is worry and stress for sofa arms and backrests. So, let’s start the therapy!

Gatto e padrone sul divano di casa

LULU and her passion for sofas

When you scold your cat he  understands that you don’t like his habit of sharpening his claws on sofa arm but, however, can’t do without it either. That’s why he passes to “hit-and-run” method afterwards, that is, scratching quickly and upon hearing your voice hiding himself in a place you can’t reach him. Our mascot LULU during her spare time hints on a scratching technique she uses without being disturbed. Have a look!


Do cats scratch wood floors?

We receive many enquiries from our clients who wonder if their cats will scratch the parquet flooring of their new apartment. And others who want to adopt a cat and need to be reassurred  that the new “roommate’s” claws will not damage their delicate parquet they’ve maintained so well for years.Well, we may say that cat’s claws, unlike dog’s, are drawn back and are used only in case of need. A dog running on the parquet, for example, can damage the floor easier than a cat. Despite your cat’s habit to sharpen it’s claws on a piece of wood or trunk, your parquet is not at risk. We, the founders of Cat Friendly Sofa, having 3 cats at home and having covered the floors of our 2-storey apartment (including vertical parts of some steps of the stairs) confirm that no cat tried to sharpen it’s claws on the mentioned wooden parts. So, no concerns with cats in this regard, if not sometimes the need to collect cat’s hair.

kitten on a wood floor