Every cat is unique in its behaviour, personality and daily habits. It depends on the environment which deeply influences it’s behaviour at home and with other cats. Some cats scratch rarely, others, instead, cannot quit scratching. The scratching is one of the best hobbies for them. Sofas, armchairs, chairs and beds are a real temptation to many cats, even after buying scratching posts, sprays and other deterrents that will be useless and expensive at the end.

The thing that we call cat’s aggressive behaviour towards soft furnitures in fact is just a freedom for them as scratching is a way to strip off the old outer claw to reveal a new one, meanwhile exercising and stretching the muscles of paws and shoulders inside four walls. Besides, cats release pheromones while scratching, this way marking their territory. So, first of all, your cats needs must be understood but without putting at risk the good condition of your sofa or armchair.


Why right on my sofa?

Both for you and for your cat your sofa is the right place to relax. So, no wonder, if your cat after a little nap or snack draws all its attention onto the sofa. Some cats are choosy and prefer only some selected surfaces, wheareas others scratch in a random manner. There are some cats that prefer verticle surfaces, some – horizontal and surfaces with easy access and others even sofa and armchair angles. Therefore, in some cases, it’s enough to cover only arms and backrests of the sofa to solve the problem, while in other cases – all of it.
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