We make cat-resistant your chairs

When you receive an unspected visit from friends your first thought goes to the ruined chairs in your dining room. Your cats adore to scratch on them, but how to preserve them from their claws? Today we want to show you one of our last works. We made cat-resistant both backrest and seat of this chair. One of the plus of CAT FRIENDLY SOFA is the study of customised covering solutions. This chair has been covered with Cat Friendly Sofa Ivory White.

Chair protected with cat-resistant cover

Now Ercole can scratch the couch as he wants

Ercole is a fabulous red cat that lives in Taranto, South Italy. His owners like to spend their evenings relaxing on the couch enjoying his company, that’s why they wrote us to make the sofa 100% cat-resistant. Fabio, his owner, applied for covering the entire couch, cushions included. They were looking for a warm colour and Cat Friendly Sofa Grey matched perfectly with doors and furniture of their living room. Fabio confessed us that when he installed Cat Friendly Sofa Ercole was so curious and he spent the night sleeping on his new sofa. “Excellent work, guys! My wife likes a lot the cover and now we want to protect a second couch!“, Fabio sent us this message the day after installing the cover. Cat’s scratching is a problem no more, our full cat-proof cover protects the sofa from Ercole’s claws. Thank you for your cooperation, Fabio, the measurements, indeed, are taken from our clients, so we have to share the compliments with you!

Red cat on Cat Friendly Sofa

Wilbur, Canadian cat, adores our Cat Friendly Sofa

This lovely cat is Wilburn and lives with Patrick, his owner, in Toronto (Canada). Patrick sent us an enquiry to see if we could help him to protect two armchairs from his cat’s claws with our anti-scratch fabric. The armchairs were completely new, a reason in more, to cover them with our cat-resistant tailored cover. Patrick’s wife chose the Grey color. They applied for having a full cover. “My wife is happy. Thanks for all your help you have been very good to deal with and the covers do fit well! Thank you Cat Friendly Sofa!”. Well, looking at Wilburn, seated on the top of the backrest, we would say he is happy too. Thank you, Patrick, for this nice picture. It is always a pleasure to help cat lovers based in different countries.

My cat-resistant armchairs