How to make your sofa cat-proof. Video tutorial

Throughout all these years of activity, Cat Friendly Sofa got a remarkable experience on cat’s scratching. That’s why we thought that a video could help all cat-lovers to face convert their couch in a 100% cat-resistant sofa. We are so glad to know that our anti-scratch sofa cover pesuaded even the most skeptical families to adopt a kitten. We hope that this video tutorial can help all cat-lovers to solve the scratching problem.

Video tutorial to protect your sofa from cat's scratching



Cat Friendly Sofa protects sofas also in Dubai

Often we receive enquiries from cat-lovers that ask how is possible to make a tailored antiscratch sofa covers at distance. When we decided to start this business we had clear in our mind the will to give a real and permanent solution for all the people that share with us the passion for this wonderful pet: the cat. So we decided to value all our passion and experience in Cat Friendly Sofa. After these years of experience we are proud to say that we won this challenge, beeing able to make cat-resistant covers for clients based in all the country. Joana contacted us a few weeks ago from Dubai. She asked us to save her sofa from the attacks of her cats. In particular, she said, her cats scratched arms and egdes, so she applied for having Cat Friendly Sofa arm covers. Well, now her cats can play and rest on the sofa as long they want. No more worries for Joana!

Tailored antiscrat sofa cover in Dubai

The story of a loveseat of a French cat-lover

This Spring, Katlheen, a French lady based in the department of Indre et Loire got in tocuh with CAT FRIENDLY SOFA in order to see if she could find a permanent cat-resistant solution for her sofa, temporarily parked in the garage. She loves deeply her cats and, before to send her enquiry, she tried everything, but no solution worked as expected. Well, we are so glad to know to have definitely solved her problem and, now, her cats can scratch as long they want on arms, edges and backrest. She sent us this nice picture, commenting so: “It’s such a nice feeling not to care when the cats begin scratching the sides! I want the cover for other two couches! Thank you very much!”

Sofa from French lady procted with antiscratch fabric