Tested against cat’s scratching

Plume is our beloved cat. Luigi, our Marketing Manager, found her, seven years ago, in a field covered by snow in a cold day of December: a furry kitten abbandoned. She grew up developing a strong personality, making special our days. Plume inspired our business and she played a crucial role on the idea to launch a 100% cat-proof sofa cover, offering so the right the alternative to the terrible practice of declawing. Everyday Plume is involved in our Quality & Measurements control when we test the resistency of our covers, before to ship them. We thought that it was nice to share her picture with you.

Tested cat-resistant sofa cover

Protection for leather sofas

This wonderful British Shorthair was used to jump and scratch on the 2 leather sofas of the dining room. How to blame a such sweet cat for it? He needed to sharp his claws and, jumping and playing on the sofas he had already made some scratches, damaging the leather. That’s why we have studied a customized antiscratch solution, providing a tailored cat-proof sofa cover for the 2 sofas and one ottoman. Now the owner can enjoy the company of her beloved cat with no more concerns for the integrity of the dining room. And the scratching post? Well, she confessed us that her cat prefers to scratch sofa arms and edges than the scratching post!

British Shorthair scratches leather sofas

British shorthair vs cat-resistant headboard

Colin is a lovely British Shorthair of 5 months. Ilaria, her owner enjoys his company especially in the evening when she gets back home or during the week-end. One of his favorite places is the top of the headboard in the master room, which is composed with 2 pillows with straps. The original pillow covers were in leather and Colin scratched both of them. Ilaria got in touch with Cat Friendly Sofa to restore the headboard applying for having 2 new pillow slipcovers realized with our cat-proof fabric. We are proud to share with you the pictures that Ilaria took for us. The upholstered bed is safe now!

Antiscratch headboard