Sofa arms protected in Massachusetts

Jessica lives in company with a cat in North Attleboro, in Massachusetts. Although her cat is very shy, she got used to dig her claws into the sofa, especially on the edges of the arms. Jessica has two 3 seater sofas, so she needed to protect 4 sofa arms. As you can see in the picture below the damage was evident, but it didn’t make sense to buy two new sofas if them will end up to be destroyed as well. Our Italian craftsmen worked hard to recreate the exact shape of the arms (pillows included), but they succeded. “You saved my couch! Thanks so much. It looks so much better. My cat, Dusty, is shy so i couldn’t get her in the picture. Maybe next time”, Jessica.

Damaged sofa restored with cat-resistant fabric

Sectional sofa entirely protected with cat-proof fabric

Gigliola lives with her cats in Cremona, one of most attractive towns in North Italy, not so far from Milan. She was seriously worried for her sectional sofa. As usual we suggested her to focus on the most critical parts (sofa arms and front part), but she had in mind to renew her dining room, so she applied for a full cover, including the order for customised pillow covers realized with our cat-resistant fabric. Despite the main purpose of our cat-proof sofa covers is to make antiscratch couches, chairs and bed, Cat Friendly Sofa has a sufficient comfort. Thank you to Gigliola for choosing our antiscratch solution.

Sectional sofa protected with cat-resistant fabric

“I HAVE CAT” writes about Cat Friendly Sofa

A couple of days ago one of the most reputable cat’s blogI HAVE CAT – wrote an article about Cat Friendly Sofa and our cat-resistant sofa covers. How nice to read our story on a such important blog. “Cat Friendly Sofa was started in 2014 by Lusine Manukyan (a fellow Armenian – woot!) and her husband Luigi Delfino who reside in Putignano, Italy. As parents to five cats, they understood a cat’s desire to scratch was natural and served several purposes (I love that they discuss the reasons cats scratch on their website in an effort to educate).  Knowing declawing wasn’t an option, they saw the need for a product that would accommodate their cats natural behavior without jeopardizing their furniture“. Thank you so much to the blogger Tamar Arslanian for the words she had for us. Read more here.

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