The way Cat Friendly Sofa works

After 4 years from the launch of our innovative cat-resistant tailored covers, we thought it was a good idea to propose a FAQ video that collects all the questions we usually get from cat-lovers interested in protecting their sofas, chairs or beds from cat’s scratching. Our purpose is to make easier and more comfortable the cohabitation at home between cat and owner. That’s why Cat Friendly Sofa is constantly commited on improving product & service. We are also delighted to know that our cat-proof sofa covers enticed people to adopt abandoned cats. For enquiries, just click here!

Recliner sofa 100% cat-resistant

The trend shows that recliner sofas and chairs are more demanded that in the past. After a hectic working day, people want to have a seat on a comfortable sofa enjoying a TV program or the company of relatives, friends or some pet. Cinzia from Treviso, Italy, wrote us to get Cat Friendly Sofa help in order to protect permanently the arms of her recliner sofa. Our customised covering solutions fits nicely also on recliners and our craftsmen realized holes on the sides to activate the recliner function. You can order your cat-proof sofa cover writing to Nothing better to see that your sofa is safe, even when your cat tries to dig its claws into the sofa arms. “After a couple of months from my order, I can say that it works very well…”, writes Cinzia “… you saved my recliner, guys! Thanks!”.

Cats scratch mainly sofa sides and edges

Annalisa from Parma, in North Italy, sent us an enquiry to figure out how to save her “L” shape couch from cat’s scratching. “Basically…”, she said,my cats scratch the sides of the arms and the edges. That’s why we proposed her to cover the entire sofa perimeter. In these cases, our experience in cat’s scratching brought us to propose one piece cover to avoid that the cats can pass trhough the cover damaging the original sofa cover. Annalisa picked Cat Friendly Sofa Brown. “I am 100% satisfied for the product and the service as well. My advice is to spend some money in more than to buy periodically a new sofa. Thank you so much!”