Why choose Cat Friendly Sofa?

There are many reasons to choose Cat Friendly Sofa and not a commercial sofa cover that, apparently, pretends to be a cat-resistant when it isn’t anti-scratch at all. We thought it was a good idea to summarise all the main features that bring our clients to order our tailored cat-proof sofa covers. No sense to spend money for a useless and expensive scratching post. Our mission is to help all the people in love with their cats, exactly as we are. For enquiries and orders, visit

Cat-resistant sofa cover for shaped couch

This sectional sofa needed to be covered entirely because of the presence of many cats in the apartment. Before getting in touch with Cat Friendly Sofa the owner tried absolutely everything, but her cats didn’t quit damaging the sofa. We realized a full cover for her with our special cat-proof sofa fabric, covering also the pillows with pillow slipcovers with the measurements she had provided according to our instructions. The owner ordered the Ivory White colour. Now, cat-scratching is a problem that is solved for her.

Two cats and a sofa to save

Anna, from Rovigo (Italy) spent the last two years covering her sectional sofa with a lot of blankets. She bought also a sofa cover but her two cats (Ester & Leonida) destroyed it in a couple of weeks. That’s why she searched online a permanent solution founding Cat Friendly Sofa and our tailored cat-resistant sofa covers. “We are completely satisfied. In the beginning the fabric looked a little bit though, but in 2-3 days it took the sofa shape and fits very well. Thank you to Mr. Luigi for her constant support and assistance. Now, our scratching post is parked in the garage and both our cats can damage the couch no more!”