“Now my cat can scratch how long he wants!”

Cihan from Saint Louis, Missouri has got in touch with us to find an antiscratch solution for his couch. Mainly his cat has got used to scratching on the arms. Initially, he was wondering how our craftsman would create the round shape of the sofa arms. But after getting our sketch with all the instructions about the measurements we needed, he realized that our cat-resistant cover will fit perfectly on his couch. Cihan choosed Cat Friendly Sofa, Grey color. “The covers arrived pretty quickly. I think they are going to work great! Great product and it was super easy working with you. Thank you!

cat-resistant sofa arm covers

Reviews on cat-proof couch covers

Boris has just received his cat-proof sofa cover Cat Friendly Sofa with cushion slipcovers: “It fits perfectly, even better than I thought. I want to thank you all your staff for the amazing job you did at distance. Right now, my two cats are attempting – unsuccessfully – to scratch the couch. Thanks a lot!”. Cat Friendly Sofa is shipped worldwide. To get further information, you can email to

Two seat sofa cover with anti-scratch fabric

Anti-scratch cover for sofa with chaise longue

Elisabetta from Grosseto, Tuscany writes to thank Cat Friendly Sofa for having protected her sofa with chaise longue. Her 5 cats used to ignore the expensive scratching post she bought beeing more attracted by the arms and the backrest of her sofa. Playing on the sofa they started to scratch even the cushions, that’s why she applied for a full cat-resistant cover. Just sending some photos and measurements ( we realized for her this cover. Scratching problem solved for her. Elisabetta sends us this message: “The cat-proof slipcover couldn’t be more perfect. The cats attempt to scratch but the fabric keeps all its properties. The Champagne color I chose is perfect for my dining room. Thanks a lot, really. I will spread the word for you! Elisabetta”. Thank you for trusting us, Elisabetta. Cat Friendly Sofa is shipped worldwide.

Sofa with chaise longue covered with cat-proof cover