This cat says “Mum!”

One of the nicest things of our work is the chance to get in touch with several cat-lovers based in different countries. Mariangela, from Italy, established a special relation with her cat. Leon has been abandoned in the street when he was kitten. Mariangela opened her heart and her door to Leon. This video (we have no doubt) will leave you breathless. Leon is able to say “Mum!”. The love for cats can really take you to live amazing experiences. We thought that it was nice to share this incredible video with you!

How to save your chairs from cat’s scratching

Fiorenza, from Italy, asked us to save her chairs from her cat claws. The chairs in faux leather were already scratched on the legs and on the backrest as well. That’s why she applied for having them completely covered with our tailored cat-proof chair covers. Fiorenza wanted to keep the white colour, so she has selected our Cat Friendly Sofa Ivory White. Now all her 4 chairs are permanently protected  with our 100% anti-scratch fabric. The red cat in the picture seems to be pretty curious on our covers. In case you are looking for a permanent solution for your furniture, just get in touch with our consultants: (WhatsApp +39 329 2582369). Cat Friendly Sofa is shipped to all the countries.

Cat-resistant cover for curved backrest sofa

Throughout 5 years of activity we have worked at sofa upholstery with simple and more sofisticated design. The experience brought Cat Friendly Sofa to cover properly, at distance, so many different couches, chairs and beds. Our cat-resistant sofa fabric isn’t easy at all to be modeled, especially for sofas with curved backrest.



Despite the difficulties, recently we have realized tailored covers for such sofas too. Roberto is a cat-lover of Rome, so happy to have found a definitive and efficient solution to face the cat’s scratching problem. He has picked the Ivory White color. No more scratches on his sofa. For enquiries, just click here.