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Cats scratch mainly sofa sides and edges

TweetAnnalisa from Parma, in North Italy, sent us an enquiry to figure out how to save her “L” shape couch from cat’s scratching. “Basically…”, she said, “my cats scratch the sides of the arms and the edges“. That’s why we proposed her to cover the entire sofa

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Sofa arms protected in Massachusetts

TweetJessica lives in company with a cat in North Attleboro, in Massachusetts. Although her cat is very shy, she got used to dig her claws into the sofa, especially on the edges of the arms. Jessica has two 3 seater sofas, so she needed to protect 4

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Sectional sofa entirely protected with cat-proof fabric

TweetGigliola lives with her cats in Cremona, one of most attractive towns in North Italy, not so far from Milan. She was seriously worried for her sectional sofa. As usual we suggested her to focus on the most critical parts (sofa arms and front part), but she

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“I HAVE CAT” writes about Cat Friendly Sofa

TweetA couple of days ago one of the most reputable cat’s blog – I HAVE CAT – wrote an article about Cat Friendly Sofa and our cat-resistant sofa covers. How nice to read our story on a such important blog. “Cat Friendly Sofa was started in 2014

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Tested against cat’s scratching

TweetPlume is our beloved cat. Luigi, our Marketing Manager, found her, seven years ago, in a field covered by snow in a cold day of December: a furry kitten abbandoned. She grew up developing a strong personality, making special our days. Plume inspired our business and she

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Protection for leather sofas

TweetThis wonderful British Shorthair was used to jump and scratch on the 2 leather sofas of the dining room. How to blame a such sweet cat for it? He needed to sharp his claws and, jumping and playing on the sofas he had already made some scratches,

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British shorthair vs cat-resistant headboard

TweetColin is a lovely British Shorthair of 5 months. Ilaria, her owner enjoys his company especially in the evening when she gets back home or during the week-end. One of his favorite places is the top of the headboard in the master room, which is composed with

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Cat-proof arm covers ready to leave for Ireland

TweetLuigi Delfino, our Marketing Manager, shows a red Cat Friendly Sofa arm cover ready that has just passed our Measurement & Quality control. A couple of weeks ago, Paul, from Ireland, ordered 4 pieces to protect his couch and chair. Working at distance, our team adopted strict

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Cat’s scratching. How to train a cat?

Tweet Cat’s scratching is a natural attitude for cats. Once we met a black cat that didn’t scratch at all sofa and chairs. We were so suprised and the owner confessed us that when he was kitten he had a terrible accident and it was a miracle

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How to keep your Cat Friendly Sofa always clean

TweetDaily we get enquiries from cat-lovers interested in our cat-proof sofa covers. Basically they apply for a quote for covering partially or completely their sofa or chairs potential victims of their cats, but they want also to know how to wash Cat Friendly Sofa and how to

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