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An alternative for cats to not scratch couches and armchairs

Cat Friendly Sofa always underlines that hard surface is a must  for cat scratching and not just a bad habit as it seems to be. How funny would it be to teach our cats to sharpen their claws as women care about their nails. Well, to trim cat claws is a usual practice, but until now no cat attempts to do a real manicure like the one in the picture.


“I appreciated very much your seriousness and professionalism!”

There’s nothing more encouraging than receiving the pictures of your cats and sofa finally protected with Cat Friendly Sofa! Cristiano from Turin bought a new sofa a few days ago and wanted to protect it with our sofa cover at once choosing the proper colour. Champagne – the colour chosen creates a good colour combination with the colours of his sofa and walls. A modern and lively environment like his cats that can now lie on sofa arms without being scolded.

Couch arms covered with Cat Friendly Sofa

Couch arms covered with Cat Friendly Sofa

Is there a cat breed that doesn’t scratch?

Generally, the fact that your cat belongs to a specific breed means it shares anatomic and behavioral features with the other cats of the same breed. The Ragdoll, for example, has the reputation as an easy-going and quiet cat, while the Devon Rex cannot stay too long alone without the company of its owner. Some study reports that the scratching attitude changes passing from a breed to another one. Well, Cat Friendly Sofa prepared for you this “Naughty-Nice List”, but mind that any cat is unique and special for its habits and attention it dedicates us and… our couch arms as well! Cat Scratching attitude

What’s the best excuse to scratch a couch?

Maybe you already noticed, in company of our cats, sometimes our couch looks like a funny theather. They jump everywhere, playing with the first object they can catch. What’s the best excuse to scratch a couch? Look at our LULU to have your answer.


LULU scratch & sketch

Archaeologists discover a pair of sharpened metal claws in Peru

No weapon is so sharpened as your cat’s claws. In past, the ancient civilization knew how harmful could be cat’s claws and got inspiration by their shape to make sharpened weapons. In Huaca de la Luna, near the city of Trujillo (Peru) archaeologists discovered a pair of sharpened metal claws unhearthed in a nobleman’s tomb. With the metal claws they found a sceptre, earrings and a mask. Archaeologists suppose the claws were used from the local people, in the past centuries, during combats. Interesting to know how cats have inspired us for so many centuries.

Metal cat's claws

LU LU and the artworks


Not all the artworks are appreciated and understood! Our ‘’Picasso’’ LULU scratched a picture on the armchair backrest (just trying to do some copy). I tried to prepare her for the cruel remarks and scolding to come but she remained steadfast in her decision. To her it’s one of the greatest artworks. She’s proud of it. See the anxiety playing on her face. Now she needs to be praised. You are wonderful LULU, but mind that not all the artworks are easy to understand, that’s why many of them in their time remain unappreciated.


Now a little about scratching and what makes them be proud and feel satisfied while scratching. Maybe you’ve noticed when cats enjoy something, and it pleases them they want to scratch. It’s a way to express their happiness. So, cats scratch when they are happy or frustrated, that is a way to release emotions, when they want to mark their space, when they want to stretch, when there is a need to get rid of the dead outer layer of their claws. In short, it’s a natural behavior caused by many reasons and presenting as a multifunctional process. So, anything that is against the nature is wrong and this wrong will eventually cause disturbances in cat’s inborn behavior. You love your cat. You like her to roll up at your knees or to purr in your ear while you are relaxing and to meet you when you are back home. But you don’t like when the cat does what it enjoys to do. Why to declaw or punish them if it’s you who chose them for company. So, treat your pets well and not like one of your toys.

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